Tamilrockers is an illegal piracy or movie downloading website, which is synonymous to the Indian film industry, especially the Tamil Film Industry. They release the new movies on their website as soon as after the movie was released on the theatres. Just like other websites, the earnings of Tamilrockers are based on the ad revenue. They spend only less amount to money and hosts a number of websites in their familiar Tamilrockers name to jump from one website to another website after the old site got banned.

How do Tamilrockers Works?

Their content (theatre Prints) is the ones that are initially screened in the theatres which are located mostly abroad. Moreover, they collect the High definition prints from the paid streaming sites like Herotalkies and Tentkotta. They also collect HD prints through the DVDs which are sold under the label of Lotus or AP international. 

The domain of TamilRockers is regularly blocked by the ISP providers to stop the piracy. Check out here to know the Latest URL of TamilRockers.

(Note: We do not support piracy and this article is completely about how Tamilrockers website is working. We are not related to tamilrockers and neither supporting their website & piracy. Don’t forget PIRACY IS ILLEGAL & IT IS A CRIME.)

How they collect Video Contents?

Usually, Tamilrockers collect movie contents through three ways: recording from the preview shows, through WFD (World Film Distributions) and then recording in the theatres using mobile phones and cameras. 

Method 1: Recording from Preview Shows

Usually, Movie producers will arrange a preview show for the important celebrities to showcase their movie before it was released worldwide. The preview show will be arranged in some random screening studios. The members from the Tamilrockers website will approach the agents of those screening studios and they will pay some money to those agents to get the pirated print from the studios. 

Method 2: Through WFD

For theater release, the movies will be uploaded in the two or three servers. The movie will be uploaded in the detached form of 2 to 4 parts. The URL of those servers will be provided to the theater owners when the movie was going to screen in the theaters. Then, a huge amount of money will be paid to the concern staffs to get those server URLs. Then the movies will be retrieved from the those servers. 

Method 3: Recording in the Theatres

This is the popular way that the Tamilrockers are using to upload the movies on their website. They will record the movies from the theatres by using their mobile phone or cameras. Sometimes, the projector operators will record the movie from their room and they will get paid to record the movie.  

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