Tamilrockers is a nightmare for movie producers and film industry. Tamilrockers is an illegal platform where you can find pirated video contents. Tamilrockers is untraceable but ISP providers and government agencies are working hard to stop them as well. After blocking plenty of websites, Tamilrockers updates new URL and still remain to be unstoppable, learn more about Tamilrockers Wiki. As of now, around 100’s of domains have been blocked by the anti-piracy team and yet there are few tricks that can be used to unblock Tamilrockers.

Warning: Tamilrockers is an illegal website which uploads copyrighted contents. According to Sec 63, 63-A, 65 and 65-A of the Copyright Act 1957, Online Piracy is a Criminal Offence where the person will be imprisoned for 3 years and they will also be fined up to Rs 3 lakhs. Always remember the government agency and ISP providers are tracing your IP address.

Disclaimer: We www.tamilrockersforum.in doesn’t have any link with piracy or the Tamilrockers website. We don’t appreciate any kind of online piracy. This website is just to educate people on how Tamilrockers is working and their illegal activities.

Unblock Tamilrockers?

Since Tamilrockers is a blocked website, you can unblock Tamilrockers easily using these two ways.

  • Unblocking Tamilrockers by using Proxy
  • Unblocking Tamilrockers by using VPN

Method 1: Unblocking Tamilrockers by using Proxy.

The main advantage of using a Proxy server is that you can access the geo-blocked content with ease. It acts as an intermediary between the user’s computer and the Internet. It helps in hiding your real IP address and you can also select the preferred server that you want.

Visit any proxy website like proxysite.com, and just type in the destination websites URL, That’s it

Check out this link here to know step by step procedure to unblock Tamilrockers using Proxy?

Method 2: Unblocking Tamilrockers by using VPN.

The main advantage of using a VPN service while accessing the Tamilrockers website is that it will create a secure connection over the private and public networks. It also helps in hiding your real IP address.

VPN not only allows you to access your desired site but also protects your privacy and data.

There are a lots of good VPN’s out there, check out this link to know the best VPN and procedures to unblock Tamilrockers using VPN?