Tamilrockers is a pirated website which contains newly released movies, videos, songs, series etc., It is an entertainment based piracy website which targets on Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada and English language movies. It also includes dubbed movies with different languages. Since it is a pirated website, the URL of the website changes often so you have to use the new Tamilrockers URL to get the torrent download links. Tamilrockers provides you with the Tamilrockers torrent file so that you can download movies or videos using software like uTorrent, BitTorrent or any other.

Whenever any movies or songs get released, you can find them on Tamilrockers Website. It has almost all the latest movies and songs within a day of release. Since movies are uploaded on several servers, the Tamilrockers torrent file is available as different download links even though some links are blocked.

Tamilrockers provides you with newly released songs and video songs which can be downloaded using Tamilrockers uTorrent link. The Torrent download link will be provided for each file where you can select the quality or resolution of the movies, videos or songs before you start downloading it.

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How to download movies using Tamilrockers Torrent files

Downloading movies using Tamilrockers torrent files completely differ from normal downloads. Here we have to download the torrent link from Tamilrockers and then run those files on any torrent software.

When you open the Tamilrockers website, you will find the latest movies and videos listed based on the categories with different resolutions.

Tamilrockers Torrent
Tamilrockers Torrent

Just click on the movie or video which you want to download. A new page gets opened which contains the Tamilrockers torrentz2 file of that particular movie or video.

Tamilrockers Torrent
Tamilrockers Torrent

Now just click on the torrent file so it gets downloaded on your device. You can also select the download location where the Tamilrockers torrent file should get downloaded.

Tamilrockers Torrent
Tamilrockers uTorrent

After downloading the Tamilrockers torrent file, click on the file to start downloading your Tamilrockers movies using any torrent download software like uTorrent or BitTorrent.

Tamilrockers Torrent
Tamilrockers Torrentz2

Here you can pause and resume your downloads. If your downloads face any error or interruptions, you can resume the download from where it gets stopped. Your download speed depends on the number for seeding available on that particular file.

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