Tamilrockers is an illegal online piracy website which let you download all the latest Indian movies. It let you download torrent files of new movies especially Tamil movies. It also lets you download Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi and Hollywood movies which dubbed into regional languages like Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi. They often change their domains regularly since they are blocked by the government regularly. Check out here for the latest domain of Tamilrockers.

(Disclaimer: We Tamilrockers forum, doesn’t support piracy and this article is only to provide the latest information about Tamilrockers website. We are not related to Tamilrockers website and neither supporting their website & pirac. Don’t forget, PIRACY IS ILLEGAL & IT IS A CRIME)

Without any partiality, they release all the new movies on the release day. Tamilrockers are so popular in south India as they release all Indian language movies along with Hollywood movies. They don’t have any separate server for them self, but they use peer to peer technology to upload the movies on their website. The Department of Telecommunication has regularly blocked the Tamilrockers website in India. But the administrators of Tamilrockers usually jump to new domains and change their IP address frequently to evade those blocks. To download movies from Tamilrockers works, you must need torrent services like ĀµTorrent, BitTorrent, Flud, zetaTorrent, TorrDroid, tTorrent Lite, aTorrent and more. Among them, ĀµTorrent and BitTorrent are so popular.

Tamilrockers Wiki
Tamilrockers Wiki & It’s History

History of Tamilrockers Website

Tamilrockers was first launched in November 2011. The admins of Tamilrockers are thought to be in Canada, France, Switzerland, and England. They became so popular when the technology of downloading the movies in the mobiles had become popular. Tamilrockers website doesn’t charge anything for downloading movies on their website. The main source of income for Tamilrockers is through the pop-up ads which open automatically while people visiting their website.

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